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Native Vegetation Act 1991
Native Vegetation Act 1991
s15(5a) The power pursuant to section 15(2) of the Act to consent in writing to a request by the Native Vegetation Council ('the Council') for delegation of certain powers and functions to a local council. 2 Delegates
s24(1) The power pursuant to section 24(1), for land that is subject to a heritage agreement, to request financial or other assistance from the Council to
a) manage the land, native vegetation on the land or any animals living on or visiting the land
b) preserving or enhancing native vegetation on the land
c) establishing native vegetation on the land
d) undertaking research in relation to the preservation, enhancement or management of native vegetation on the land or of animals living on or visiting the land
8 Delegates
s15(5b) The duty to exercise the delegated power or function in accordance with the conditions assigned by the Council. 2 Delegates
s21(3a) The power pursuant to Section 21(3a) of the Act to retain a fee paid for an application to clear native vegetation if the local council is acting under delegation from the Council. 7 Delegates
s23(1) The power pursuant to section 23 of the Act to consider a Heritage Agreement request from the Minister 5 Delegates
s23F The power pursuant to 23F to submit a proposal for revegetation to the Council. 3 Delegates
s23G The duty to submit a revegetation proposal in the approved form and must include, or be accompanied by, such information as the Council requires. 3 Delegates
s24(1a) The power to apply for financial assistance in establishing native vegetation on land in accordance with the proposal which has been approved by the Council under Division 2. 9 Delegates
s24(2) An application must be in the form approved by the Council and must set out the applicant's proposals for the application of the assistance being requested. 8 Delegates
s24(3) The proposal must be based on guidelines adopted by the Council under this Part. 8 Delegates
s26(1) The duty not to clear vegetation unless the clearance is in accordance with this Part. 8 Delegates
s26(2) The duty to not contravene or fail to comply with a condition attached to a consent granted under this Part. 8 Delegates
s28(1) The power, subject to subsection (2), as the owner of land to request consent to clear native vegetation. 8 Delegates
s28(3) The duty pursuant to section 28(3) that an application for consent must be in the form approved by Council and accompanied by a native vegetation management plan and other information as required by the Council including the prescribed fee. 8 Delegates
s28(6) The duty pursuant to Section 28(6) of the Act to, on receipt of a fee prescribed to the report referred to in Section 28(3)(b)(iia), to pay the amount of the fee to the Minister. 5 Delegates
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